About Robmaf

I am a professional poker player for almost 10 years. I started with NL10 and upgraded up to nl5000. My main stakes over the last four years is nl1000 SH. I played mostly on eurorooms, but also on Stars ZOOM nl500 / 1000 reaching a result 2,7bb / 100.

I’ve always had high winrate. In 2013 I achieved 7BB on the iPoker playing nl600, nl1000, nl2000. I have won the most on nl2000 though not a large number of hands played.

I led two very popular blogs in Poland. On ( as Lego09 – it was one of the most popular blogs on this site. I started there live trainings and private coachings. – Robmaf – blog has been selected to SuperBlogs (top 10-20 blogs from around 2000). Until today it has ~450.000 visits.


My career is strongly linked to since 2011. In addition to the blog I started to offer coaching – coached 84 people in Polish and English (each an average of 10hours), some players today are top NLHE 6max regulars in Poland: tombopl, chada1989, HahaUnaab, Ssebekkusd. I recorded about 90 training videos for in Polish and English. In addition, 2 series: Maximum Edge – 20 movies in English and Redline Ninja– 17 movies in English (sales will begin in January2016 ). My films for several years are collecting the maximum evaluation of the participants and are among the most popular films in the Polish language.

Also I organized several live training courses on the subject of  poker and 2 training Body language for poker players. I am very well known and respected player in Polish community. Currently I run fanpage on Facebook where I have over 1200 likes. I sell videos and offer coaching on I run a coaching thread on 2+2, but internationally I’m still little known.

Outside of poker, I teach players how to invest your money from poker. Today we have 17 properties, most of which I rent and I have a solid and stable income. Regularly also I buy and sell real estate hiring best professionals on the market.